Fcoustic Printing Fashion Acoustic Panel
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Fcoustic Printing Fashion Acoustic Panel

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Product Name

Fcoustic Printing Fashion Acoustic Panel



Noise Reduction Coefficient

0.85~1.1,SGS Test for polyester fiber acoustic panel

Surface Type

Smooth and can be kept for five years


Maximum 2400*1000mm


100% polyester fiber


1900g/sqm for 9mm Panel, or 2200g/sqm for 12mm panel


9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 24mm


Safe, non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic


Glue, gun nail

Flame Retardant

EN13501-12007+A12009 Class B


Sound absorption / Interior decoration


Qualified for Home/ Musical instrument/ Recording/ Catering/ Commercial/ Office

Fcoustic Printing Fashion Acoustic Panel is the simple choice for managing echo and creating a durable interior solution. Available in a range of over 48 classic colors, Fcoustic Printing Panel provides the freedom to create a unique look in any space. You can make your own design, any artwork could be printed on the acoustic panel, such us the Lines, Geometric, Natural Views, Picture or Photos, any high resolution image is workable.

Made from the 100% polyester, needle-punched felt and thermally bonded to an acoustic backing with 3M ECO glue, which can reduce the need for extensive wall preparation and painting. Transform your walls into acoustic notice boards by taking advantage of the tackable and hook-and-loop receptive surface, providing the perfect complement for commercial offices, libraries, and the education sector.

It is also moisture resistant so that it wont stain, rot or break down making Fcoustic Felt Composited Acoustic Panel safe, non-toxic, long-lasting and sustainable acoustic wall treatment.

Tackboard, hook-and-loop receptive surface, acoustic wallcovering. Accepts tacks and staples.

Polyester is classed as no more toxic than wood under the state of New York Article 15 part 1120. Polyester is pH7.8 (where pH7.0 is neutral),resistant to biological, bacterial or vermin attack.

Impact Resistance:
Not adversely affected at impact velocities over 52.5ft/s

Polyester fiber Non-woven. No pattern repeat but Panel has a directional grain. Product may vary from samples and batch to batch due to fiber blending and lay-up which is an inherent feature of this product.

Physical description / properties:
Boiling Point: N/A
Melting Point: 428ºF
Vapour Pressure: N/A
Specific Gravity: Polyester 1.38
Flash point: N/A
Explosive limits: N/A
Solubility in water: Not soluble
Alkalinity: pH 7.8
Relative Vapour Density: N/A